If you’re looking to change your smoking habit and take up vaping for the first time, it can difficult to know where to start. Not to worry – we’ll help you decide which beginner vape kit is the best one for you.

Vaping demystified

Vaper using a beginner vape kitVaping requires its own set of kit. If you’ve been used to smoking traditional cigarettes, some of this equipment may be unfamiliar! Here’s a quick guide to the anatomy of a vape device:

  • E-liquid This provides the ‘vapour’ that is inhaled when using an electronic cigarette. It contains nicotine and comes in a variety of different flavours.
  • Tanks The tank is the main part of the e-cigarette that holds the e-liquid.
  • Coils Inside your vape tank, a coil is used to heat and vaporise the e-liquid for you to vape.
  • Batteries Your vape kit needs power. Batteries and chargers provide this! Some batteries have a longer life than others, so this may affect your choice.

It is possible to buy all the different components of your vaping kit separately, but if you’re new to the scene, we recommend a beginner vape kit to get you started.

Vaper with advanced vaping kitStarter kits vs advanced vape kits

If you’ve been browsing around vaping sites you’ll see that as well as beginner kits, it’s also possible to purchase intermediate and advanced vaping kits. So, what’s the difference, and why should you start with a beginner’s kit?

  • Find out what you like If you haven’t vaped before, choosing a beginner vape kit will allow you to experiment without breaking the bank. With prices for a starter kit as low as £15, you can afford to get started and become more familiar with the world of vaping before shelling out on more expensive kit.
  • Simple to use A beginner vape kit is easy to use, requiring no experience, while advanced kits offer more opportunity for customisation to experienced vapers.

Tips for choosing your first vape kit

Although the vaping market is young, with e-cigarettes only on sale in the UK since 2007, it’s now a booming industry with a vast range of products on offer. Here are some tips to help ensure you’ll end up with a beginner vape kit that’ll serve you well.

  • Cigarette substitute If you’re a seasoned smoker looking to transition to vaping, mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices are a good first choice, as they provide a realistic simulation of tobacco smoking.
  • Genuine product Avoid cheap or counterfeit vaping products by shopping at a reputable store. Ensure that your vape kit is well packaged and comes with a user manual.
  • Charging You’ll want a kit that is simple to operate and charge. Do you need to plug it into the wall socket, or can you use a USB port?
  • Price Have a browse around to do a price comparison on the different options, and have a budget in mind for your first kit.
  • Accessories Do you want or need accessories like carrying cases or in-car chargers? Check what’s included in your kit.
  • Battery power Consider how much you are used to smoking, and how often you’ll want to use your beginner vape kit. More powerful kits are available for heavier smokers, and you can also get bigger batteries designed for those who want to vape more regularly throughout the day.

To help you find the perfect kit to get started we've put together a collection of the best hardware for those new to vaping. Why not browse our range of starter vape kits and find the perfect kit for you.