Let’s face it – smoking doesn’t exactly have a good rep any longer. It stinks, it’s expensive, and, well it kills you. Everyone knows that. But was only when I had made the decision to stop smoking and switch to  that I really started to notice just how many aesthetic reasons there were for trading vapor for smoke. Here are just a few of them:

Smoky Clothes

stop smoking

It doesn’t matter if you puff a ciggy indoors or outdoors – your threads are going to suffer for it. That also goes for anyone around you!

Collecting a freshly-pressed suit from the dry cleaners in anticipation of a hot date is all well and good, but that pre-date cigarette may just ruin your chances if you show up smelling like an ash tray.

Smoking Accelerates Aging

stop smoking

This photo shows twins. Which one is the smoker? No prizes for guessing which one. The toxins within traditional cigarettes are a lethal cocktail of poisons that suck the life right out of you and leave you old and haggard before your time.

In a word – yuk!


stop smoking

Cigarettes leave behind crumpled little corpses known affectionately as cigarette butts. And where do we see them? Freaking everywhere – cafe tables, the pavement, plant pots… you name it. Unsightly is not the word.

No – disgusting, that’s the word.

Yellow Fingers

stop smoking

One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that a person is a smoker is by their jaundiced fingers. Yellow digits are not exactly a beautiful sight, and pretty much shout out ‘I’m a fifty-a-day smoker!’.

Vaping is clean, odourless, and kind to fingers.

Smoking Kills The Smile

stop smoking

As the smoke from a cigarette is inhaled it filters through the teeth. Woe betide anyone who hitherto had a mouthful of nice, pearly whites. The frequent smoker will see a change rather frequently, with white changing to yellow and then to brown.

A thorough polish from your dentist and switchover to enamel-friendly electronic cigarettes is just the ticket for a more kissable future.

Ash – Trail of Death!

stop smoking

We may not always notice smokers in our midst, but we can see where they’ve been. Trails of grey ash like dirty snowflakes swirl and eddy around our cafes and street corners, carried aloft by the slightest of breezes to alight upon our lapels or take refuge in our eyes.

Wonderful stuff. Not.

Burn Holes

stop smoking

We’ve all seen them, or been responsible for them – those nasty little black burn marks left on our favourite duvets by a careless bedtime cigarette. Smoking in bed is never a good idea, least of all because you may nod off and set the room ablaze. But these little ashen bullet holes are not a pretty sight.

Vaping in bed, however, is about as safe as it gets (unless you get really clumsy with your heating coil!)


Taking everything into consideration... why would you want to smoke if this comes hand in hand with it? If you're looking for that satifying "hit" then vaping can crush a craving without damaging your long-term health.