What are the most popular vape mods, and which one is right for me?

There’s a huge range of vape mods on the market, with so much choice it can be hard to decide which option to go for. If you’re pondering the ins and outs of wattage, battery life and touchscreen technology, we’re here to narrow things down and demystify the world of the mod. Below, we’ll look at some of the most popular vape mods and examine their different features, to help you make an informed choice that’s right for you.

Things to consider when choosing a vape mod

which vape mod is right for meDeciding on the right vape mod is a very individual process, and the factors that are important will be different for everyone. Here are some things to consider when browsing the most popular vape mods:


  • Cost. There are vape mods for every budget, with entry level, mid-price and high-end options to choose from. You could get a beginner’s vape mod for less than £20, or splash out on a luxury model costing £80 or more.
  • Power. The wattage you require will depend on your vaping preferences: for most vapers power isn’t everything, so if you’re a moderate user you’re unlikely to need a 200W box mod. However, sub-ohm vapers using small ohm coils will require higher wattage box mods to power their device.
  • Battery. When it comes to batteries, you have a choice between a mod with integrated (and therefore rechargeable) battery or buying separate, disposable ones. Separate batteries can be good if you’re out and about and need to replace your battery immediately – just carry a spare set. Rechargeables might be preferable if you don’t want to keep buying new batteries.
  • Safety features. If you’re nervous about vape mod safety, choosing a mod that includes built-in power and temperature limits will help you enjoy your vape in the knowledge that you’re fully protected.
  • Flexible settings. If you’re an advanced vaper, touchscreen technology is a feature that makes it easy for you to alter your settings instantly. Temperature control is useful if you want to fine tune your vape.
  • Size. Does size matter to you? Think about whether you are more interested in portability or power.
  • Style. If looks are important, you’ll need to consider what you want in terms of colour, size shape and design. Don’t forget to check out the features above , however; or you could end up with one of the most popular vape mods that looks amazing - but just isn’t right for your vaping needs.

Our recommendations 

  • Best for beginners: If you’re choosing your first vape mod, built-in safety features are important. The IPV D3 mod is a good looking piece of kit that boasts automatic protection against low resistance, low voltage, short circuiting and overheating. 
  • Best for sub ohm vaping: The Smok Micro One Box Mod is equipped with advanced temperature control and variable wattage, for a powerful vape experience that can be customised to suit your vaping style. 
  • Most stylish vape mod: If you’re looking for an unbeatable combination of power and good looks, we recommend the sleek and impressive asMODus Minikin V2 180w touchscreen vape mod. 

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