Is vaping safe? Yes, as long as a few basic safety rules are adhered to. However, as with any activity using a lot of battery power, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and understand how to minimise them. Here we’ll explain how to follow the basic principles of vape battery safety to avoid the dangers associated with battery misuse.

What could go wrong?

Two vape batteriesTo understand why it’s so important to practise vape battery safety, you need to know why using a vape device poses more of a risk than the other battery-powered devices we all own – and what could happen if safety precautions aren’t taken. 

What makes vaping more of a risk than using, say, a smartphone or a torch? Battery safety is of course a concern whatever gadgets you use. What makes vape devices different from smartphones, however, is the sheer amount of power that is required to heat and vaporise the vape liquid. To put this in context, your average AA battery found in a TV remote can only deal with around half the voltage of 18650 battery, a popular choice for vapers.

Pushing batteries beyond their limit could result in explosion, fire or a battery leak – which could all cause significant injury or damage.

Choose the right batteries 

  • Read the manual. Check the battery specifications for the kit you’re using and make sure you follow them.
  • Always buy your batteries from a reputable vendor; don’t be tempted by cheap knock-offs.
  • Check your battery wrapping. If it is damaged, DO NOT USE the battery.
  • If using rechargeable batteries, always ensure that the charger you use is appropriate for the batteries, and do not over- or under-charge your batteries.

Safe battery storage 

  • If using disposable batteries, always use a battery holder to contain your batteries.
  • Use a locking device when not in use, to prevent your vape device from accidentally firing in your pocket or bag.
  • Remove batteries when not using your device for prolonged periods of time.

Sub-ohm vaping – the added risks

If you are going to be sub-ohm vaping, it’s extra important to understand vape battery safety. 

  • Read our blog article on sub-ohm vaping[link] and gen up oh Ohm’s Law
  • Calculate how many amps your battery can handle
  • Regulated mods have built-in safety measures to prevent electric shorts

Buy from a reputable vendor

Everyone likes a bargain, but sometimes a cheap deal just isn’t worth the risk. In the case of vaping batteries and other paraphernalia, it’s essential that you source your equipment from a reputable dealer. 

  • Don’t buy second-hand from a friend or acquaintance, or a bloke you meet in the pub.
  • Avoid online stores that don’t specialise in vaping; if they’re selling other stuff too, they’re less likely to be fully knowledgeable about vape safety.
  • Choose legitimate online stores over auction sites like eBay.
  • Do you get a guarantee? What is the returns policy? A lack of clear information on returns policy is a red flag for a dodgy vendor.
  • Ensure that products are properly packaged and come with the manual. 

Vape battery safety is a big deal. If you are in doubt about which batteries are suitable, ask for advice before buying at a reputable vape shop.