If you’re an advanced vaper who prefers more vapour and an intense flavour, a vape mod can offer extra power for the bigger hit you crave. So, what exactly is a vape mod and what type is best for you?

Taking vaping to the next level

example of vape mod boxSimply put, a vape mod is a vaping device that has been modified (‘modded’) to provide a more satisfying experience for the vaper. Modding first became popular in the early days of vaping due to the limitations of the original e-cigarettes, whose battery life and performance was often underwhelming. By adding extra batteries and other components to their existing devices, modders enjoyed a DIY power boost that added oomph to their vaping experience.

Today, a range of customised vape mod kits on the market means there’s no need to dabble in the circuitry yourself in order to get the performance you seek – so if you’re not confident in your abilities as an electronics whizz, there’s hope for you yet. Ready-made devices for advanced vapers, vape mod kits come with an internal battery or space for an external battery, providing more powerful, longer battery life and increased durability, not to mention more user flexibility over power, usage and design. The mods you choose will depend on the type of vapour you prefer.

When and where to use your vape mod kit

What is a vape mod best for? Unlike many of the slim and elegant e-cigarettes that you might see out and about, vape mod kits are bigger and less portable. Mods are a different shape, too; unlike compact e-cigarettes, practicalities dictate that they are usually box-shaped, rather than tube-shaped. These factors mean that many vapers prefer to keep their vape mods for home use.

Regulated vs unregulated mods

There are two types of vape mod that you need to be aware of; regulated and unregulated.

Regulated mods are just as they sound; they exert some limits over your mod use to protect your equipment and ensure a basic level of safety. A bit like volume-limiting headphones, they are designed to prevent vapers from carrying on when it’s dangerous to do so (for example, if the battery power falls too low, or if the resistance in your coils doesn’t meet the minimum needed for the device to operate safely). Regulated mods also regulate the wattage of each vape, so you get the same strength in every hit.

Unregulated mods don’t offer this level of protection or regulation, literally leaving you to your own devices. For this reason they’re only recommended for advanced vapers who have a good knowledge of battery safety. Unregulated mods can be dangerous when abused.

Safety first

In order to stay safe when using a vape mod kit, and especially if it’s unregulated, make sure you are clued up on battery safety. 

  • Never use a damaged battery and ensure any batteries you do use are properly wrapped.
  • Always charge batteries in a suitable, kitemarked charger.
  • Gen up on Ohm’s Law[link] and battery amp limits to ensure that you’re always using the right battery for your mod.


What is the best vape mod kit for you? Check out our range of regulated vape mods to boost your power and enhance your vape.