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There are such a huge range of amazing e liquid flavours it can be hard to know where to start. Here you can find the most popular vape flavours from our fruit, dessert and menthol ranges at the very best prices. We are proud to offer an unparalleled selection of e liquids to suit all tastes, perfect for beginners to advanced vapers. Our continued goal is to bring premium flavours sourced from around the world to UK vape lovers.

From our menthol range you could try the powerful Double Mint flavour, produced by TruVape in the E.U. For vapers with a sweet tooth, look no further than the dessert range, where you’ll find the Apple and Cinammon e liquid produced by Digby’s Juices in the UK. Or look to California, where Cuttwood Sauce combine the flavours of Mango, Melon and Papaya for the Mega Melons e liquid from our fruit range. Most flavours are available in a range of sizes and nicotine strengths. 


Fresh fruity tastes always prove to be one of the most popular vape flavours, so why not take a trip around the world of fruit flavoured e liquid. Get your hands on some of the delicious e liquid flavours we have to offer! From wild strawberries to mashed mangos we have it all. Wake up your summer senses and pick a delectable vape juice to fill your tank up with

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Nothing demonstrates the diversity and creativity of modern vaping than our dessert flavoured vapes collection. 10 years ago the ideas of smoking vanilla ice cream cookie dough, dunked in a sugar glazing, spliced with a dash of cinnamon would be crazy, but today we offer a sensational range for those with a sweet tooth. Looking for Bad Drip or Weirdos Creamery? We have all the major brands available here at VSUK to browse, pick from and vape. Enjoy!

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If you think all tobacco flavours taste the same prepare to be blown away by our tobacco vape flavour collection. As well as popular classic vape flavours such as traditional rich tobacco, we offer smooth combinations including Blackcurrant tobacco, honey roasted tobacco and much more. Browse the collection and find the perfect tobacco e-liquid for you.

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Tobacco Flavour E Liquid

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